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Successful change through

the awakening of your talents.



NRS Coaching for Change


Want a change? To develop your potential talent? Be successful in your expatriation? Want to inspire? Want to bounce through a difficult change? 


Coaching helps you to manage your business changes. Within limited time, the coach will accompany you on major career decisions.


"Nothing is permanent except change." Heraclitus


Our Goal:Your Success.


Our Vision: The key to your own success depends on you because you have all the resources necessary for your development.  To move foreward, coaching helps you discover:


   · Who you are: your strengths and weaknesses, your values, identity…​​

   · Do you really want to do: become top manager in a multicultural context, crisis management, balancing private and professional life...

   · how you will get there: by developing your leadership, your communication, your relationship ... 

Our Mission: To be a committed partner and guide you in your professional change.


Our Values: Result, Action, Responsibility, Trust and Respect.

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